Studio for the restoration of frames 

    Ethics of frame restoration   Nederlands



With each restoration I adhere to the following principles:

  • Maintaining the authenticity of the frame.

  • All restorations are carried out in close consultation with the client.

  • All restorations are carried out with authentic materials and using the same techniques as in the period in which the frame was manufactured.

  • For most of what seems at first irreparable there is a fitting solution.

  • In case only touching-up of a frame is necessary, the existing colour will be maintained unless the client wishes otherwise.

  • Gilding, silver-gilding, copper-gilding, bronze-gilding or colouring is possible.

People often do not realise that a beautiful frame is the crowning touch for a work of art. A poor frame can ruin it irrespective of how beautiful and valuable the work of art is. It is therefore essential that not only the painting but also the frame remains in good condition. Obviously the decision to have the frame restored is a personal choice, but if it is at all possible to save the authentic frame of the painting I always advice to restore.

It goes without saying that an authentic frame in good condition adds to the value of the painting, which a new frame does not, apart from the fact that a new frame is often more expensive than the restoration of the existing frame.


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