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Nanette Backers in her studio.On this website you will find information about the work which is necessary for the restoration of frames for pictures and mirrors which are gilded, coloured, painted or otherwise finished.

In 1996 I opened my own studio in Belgium (near Antwerp) after five years of schooling at a renowned frames workshop at The Hague, where I could put the theory into practice. I felt up to that after all those years of intensive experience as the person in charge of restorations with the frames workshop at The Hague. After eight years in Belgium with a steadily growing number of faithful Dutch clients I decided in 2004 to return to The Hague and to open a studio there at Noordeinde 58a. Apart from individuals I number among my clients Sociëteit De Witte (a gentlemen’s club), the Peace Palace, Supreme Court of the Netherlands, ABN Amro Bank, the “Katwijk’s Museum” and some Embassies.

Frame restoration requires passion. A sense of colour, of art and the preservation thereof is an essential requirement. So is understanding where to start and when to stop.

Also important is professional knowledge, a sense of history and the dedication to preserve what at one time was created with so much skill and patience.  

Studio Nanette Backers was founded in 1996


Atelier Nanette Backers, Noordeinde 58A, 2514GK, The Hague, Netherlands, Telephone: +31 (0)6-14947421